St Louis: Ship of Fate

The original request from the client was to write a proposal to the federal government for funding, outlining the deliverables, costs, and who the development team would include. The proposal was approved and funding for marketing, web development, exhibit design, inter-actives, and educational products was received. I was the lead on this project, managing several suppliers.

Customized solutions for this exhibit included inter-actives that solved the challenge of displaying the documentation and correspondence that tells the details of the story. Previously these very fragile artifacts had been under glass rendering the majority of the content inaccessible.

A new approach to the panel hinges was also implemented to allow the panels to be detached and stored easily as well as reconfigured to fit a variety of floor spaces. Designed to take a minimum of floor space this exhibit has been accommodated in small and larger venues.

The exhibit is now part of the Travelling Exhibit program at the Nova Scotia Museum. With some revisions and additions to the content, this exhibit was on display at the Canadian War Museum in the Spring of 2018.