“This is What I Wish You Knew”

This exhibit was developed by the Nova Scotia Museum in partnership with the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Center in Halifax.

It combines fourteen hand-made tiles and personal video reflections from fourteen Mi’kmaq community members who created the artwork. Each piece expresses the diversity, strength and courage of Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaw community through the artists own personal experiences.

“This was about giving individuals within the urban context the opportunity to express how they struggle; to express who they are, and to have a voice and the courage to say what they really need to say,” said Pam Glode-Desrochers, executive director of the Mi’kmaq Native Friendship Centre. “It is important that people understand who and what we are.”

The exhibit reflects actions featured in Nova Scotia’s Culture Action Plan: Creativity and Community, including enabling Mi’kmaq telling Mi’kmaq stories, enhancing opportunities for Mi’kmaq cultural expression and partnering with the Mi’kmaq Native Friendship Center.

My challenge was to design the exhibit so it felt like it seamlessly blended into the nature themed exhibit gallery while making the tiles the focal point of the exhibit. It was very rewarding to get the very positive feedback all project contributors – especially the tile artists themselves.

My project team included Atlantex Creative Works (structural fabrication), Moss Media (video editing and touchscreen programing) and Ron MacDonald (audio and lighting consultation and installation).

The exhibit will be on display at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History in Halifax until the Spring 2018.